May 6, 2009

Real-time information processing can be defined in several ways depending on the location where it’s being used. In present market the selection of an employee time and attendance system can be a typical task when there are number of employee time clocks and timekeeping systems in the market today!

Our timesheet application is web based timesheet software that gives you complete control of your time, projects and your business. It improves time management skill of users and also allows you to collect and organize your employee time and data accurately.

Our online timesheet software requires no software or servers or any other involvement from IT to setup and use. Our time sheet software includes both comprehensive and expense management functionality. The solution is highly flexible, quick and easy to use and offers a rapid return on investment regardless of your business model size.

Our online time sheet is a flex based time reporting system for use of computer staff. The system enables employees to record time worked via an easy to use web interface. Truworth, the timesheet technology leader, provides 100% web-based time and attendance, project time tracking and flex time tracking systems that are proven to save customers thousand of dollars.

Our time tracking software has been designed and refined by our customers and users over many years to ensure that the system is one of easiest and straight forward way for users to record time for daily tasks and activities. Our flex time sheet is designed to work across your organization, regardless of the size of your enterprises; flex timesheet is a right choice for you.



May 6, 2009

Key Features
Timesheet software has easy Installation process
Flex time sheet has flexible settings and control option
Employee time reporting
Fast, flexible timesheet entry method
Time sheet software has graphical reporting system
Online timesheet software has full export facility
Customizable terminology and user interfaces
Set international date, time & currencies
Flex time sheet has both billable & non-billable option
Invoicing by fixed or actual hours
Real time project performance reporting
Timesheet sheet software support multiple browser
Convenient browsing
Scalable architecture
Time sheet software is a RIA based application
Flex time sheet software has featured admin console
Web based time sheet software
Solution for project driven organization
Time and project management software
Accurate timesheet creation
Online time sheet software provides PIE chart for analysis
Manual timesheet entry method
Timesheet software support centralized database
Web based time sheet software suitable for one or more users
Protect staff privacy
Easy timesheet administration
Accurate client billing
Boost productivity & resource management by using our timesheet software
Improve time management
Drag & drop feature for assigning project to user
Highly expressive web applications
MXML based timesheet software
Based ON MVC Architecture
Open source technology used (PHP-5.0 and MYSQL-5.0)

Admin Features
Our time sheet software allows admin to create project
With our flex time sheet software, admin can easily add users to project
Timesheet software allows admin to manage users
Online timesheet software allows admin to view project wise report
With our web time sheet software, admin can view user wise report
Admin monitors the employee’s timesheet
Our web time sheet allows to add unlimited clients, projects & tasks
Highly configurable site parameters

User Features
Timesheet software has secure user login
Flex timesheet software has user friendly interface
Time sheet software has attractive representation
Web time sheet has easy navigation
Online time sheet allows user to view project detail
Flex time sheet allow user to view report daily/monthly
With our online timesheet software, user can edit data of last seven days

Security Features
Password protected admin area
Admin session timeout after period of inactivity

Screen Shots

May 6, 2009


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May 6, 2009

Flex Time Sheet Software at unbelievable price $200
Our flex time sheet script is best script in the market
Pay onetime for life time software license
Modification are allowed
Run on your own server
Fully scalable for small & large organization
Bulk discount available

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